September 7, 2016

About Us

Customer Service

Cedar’s management philosophy revolves around tenant satisfaction with every component- from move in assistance to day to day maintenance requests


Contract Flexibility

Cedar’s local breadth allows flexibility to accommodate our tenant’s as they expand or contract giving them the option to transition as their needs  



Cedar’s scope and capabilities bring value added services and assistance to our tenants with many of their business needs and growth challenges



Cedar’s portfolio is located in Lakewood’s Industrial Park. The park is within minutes of the US Postal Service , FedEx, UPS, restaurants, retail, hotels and many other business amenities. It is located in between New York City and Philadelphia and is only a short distance to Newark, Atlantic city, and their Airports



Cedar is dedicated to giving back to the community it serves with charitable donations, volunteer work, and by creating long term economic opportunity that benefits the community and its citizens.



Cedars Portfolio is in the NJ Urban Enterprise Zone and is eligible for NJ Growth and Economic Development grants and tax credits